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New method helps diagnose neurological disorder that requires early treatment - Niemann-Pick disease type C

May 5, 2016
Researchers have developed a quick and simple method for measuring bile acids in biological fluids that can be used to rapidly diagnosis a severe fat storage disorder that can lead to liver disease...

Antiviral therapies give hepatitis C cirrhosis patients similar life expectancy as general population

May 5, 2016
The survival rate of patients with hepatitis C virus-related cirrhosis who respond well to antiviral therapies equals that of the general population, say investigators in the Journal of Hepatology.

Herbal remedies are an overlooked global health hazard

May 4, 2016
Millions of people around the world use herbal health remedies, following a tradition that began millennia ago.

Bile duct cancer risk may be reduced with aspirin use

May 2, 2016
The risk of bile duct cancer, or cholangiocarcinoma, was reduced by up to 3.6-fold for aspirin users in a new study, providing further evidence of the drug's anticancer effects.

Connecting the droplets: a rare disease gene has a key role in chronic hepatitis C infection

April 28, 2016
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) hijacks the host's fat metabolism for its own survival, growth, and transport in the human body.

"A fatty liver may result in a broken heart," according to new research

April 26, 2016
Strict Monitoring of Cardiovascular Disease Recommended When Managing Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, Reports the Journal of Hepatology.

Genetic barcode could pave way to bespoke liver cancer therapies

April 26, 2016
Scientists have identified a biological barcode in mouse cells that could help explain how liver cancers develop in people.

Liver cancer risk lingers after hepatitis B virus cleared

April 26, 2016
A new study finds that the risk of developing liver cancer from infection with hepatitis B persists even after patients have apparently been cleared of the virus.

Risk of liver cancer from hepatitis B persists even after clearing the virus

April 22, 2016
Long-term infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) can cause liver inflammation and increase the risk of liver cancer.

Immune cells in organ cavities play essential role in fast tissue repair: Study

April 22, 2016
While scientists have known for many years that there are cells living in the cavities surrounding various organs such as the heart, lung and liver, their function has remained unknown.