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Leave a Legacy 

Planned Giving 

"Without funding like this, medical research as a whole simply cannot take place." 
~Jonathan Dranoff, MD
 2000 Advanced/Transplant Hepatology  
 Fellowship recipient

Leave a Legacy in support of liver research
Planned giving represents sustainability for educational grants, research awards, fellowships, and educational programming. The Legacy Society recognizes those donors who make qualifying gifts, such as bequests, trusts, and annuities. As a Legacy Society member, you help provide a secure future for the field of hepatology and the research that leads to improved treatments of patients with liver disease.

Once you have decided to make your legacy gift, be sure to let us know -- and we will add you to the list of Legacy Society donors.

Planned gifts will be used to support liver research and advanced hepatology training for front-line providers.

 Even 1% Matters

You may think that there is no way for you to support liver research and have a lasting impact. Your gift -- no matter the size -- can help ensure the future of the field and invest in liver research.

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 Ways to Give

Bequests:  The easiest way to leave a legacy in support of liver research is through a bequest in your estate plans. Just a few sentences in your will or trust are all that is needed. Share the sample bequest language for AASLD with your estate planning attorney to help secure the future of hepatology.

Appreciated Securities/Stock:
 A stock portfolio is often among the most valuable assets you own -- and one that can carry substantial capital gain, or appreciation in value. With careful planning, you can reduce or even eliminate federal capital gains tax while supporting liver research.

Getting Started with Estate Planning:  Don't know where to start with your estate plans? This free estate planning kit can help you begin.

Learn more about various planned giving options. If you have specific questions on the types of planned giving accepted by AASLD, contact the Office of Development at legacy@aasld.org or by phone at 703-299-9766.