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Clinical Liver Disease 

Clinical Liver Disease 

Clinical Liver Disease (CLD) is the latest online learning resource of AASLD. Clinical in focus, CLD blends text, audio, video, webinars, and other interactive content into educational interventions launched every other month. These interventions are designed for any physician or healthcare provider caring for a patient with liver disease.

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Lucey, MD

Volume 3, Issue 6 — Autoimmune Liver Disease Series: Vascular Disorders

Clinical Liver Disease presents a new series on autoimmune liver disease. The first four issues of 2014 feature reviews covering topics in autoimmune hepatitis, cholangiocarcinoma, primary biliary cirrhosis, and primary sclerosing cholangitis. Browse the articles, podcasts, and interviews in this month's issue and be sure to check back often to discover new releases in the series!

Table of Contents

Guest Edited by: Dominique Valla, MD

Portal Vein Thrombosis in Patients with Cirrhosis
Thomas D. Boyer, MD, and Shahid Habib, MD

Management of Disordered Hemostasis and Coagulation in Patients with Cirrhosis
Nicolas M. Intagliata, MD and Stephen H. Caldwell, MD

Noncirrhotic Nontumoral Portal Vein Thrombosis
Susana Seijo, MD, PhD and Aurelie Plessier, MD

Benign and Malignant Hepatocellular Lesions in Patients with Vascular Liver Disease
Valerie Vilgrain, MD, Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou, MD, PhD, Valerie Paradis, MD, and Maxime Ronot, MD, PhD

Diagnosis of Thrombophilia/Prothrombotic Conditions in Patients with Liver Disease
Massimo Primignani, MD, and Vincenzo La Mura, MD, PhD

Noncirrhotic Intrahepatic Portal Hypertension
Vijay Bodh, MD and Yogesh Chawla, MD

Budd-Chiari Syndrome
Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou, MD, PhD

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