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Clinical Liver Disease 

Clinical Liver Disease 

Clinical Liver Disease (CLD) is the latest online learning resource of AASLD. Clinical in focus, CLD blends text, audio, video, webinars, and other interactive content into educational interventions launched every other month. These interventions are designed for any physician or healthcare provider caring for a patient with liver disease.

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Lucey, MD

Volume 4, Issue 1 — Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI)

Table of Contents

Guest Edited by: Robert J. Fontana, MD

Herbal and Dietary Supplement Hepatotoxicity
Vinaya C. Maddukuri, MD, and Herbert L. Bonkovsky, MD 

Causality Assessment: Which Is Best—Expert Opinion or RUCAM?
James H. Lewis, MD

Incidence and Outcomes of DILI in Western Patients
Einar S. Bjornsson, MD, PhD

Liver Histology in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Drug-Induced Liver Injury
David E. Kleiner, MD, PhD

LiverTox: An Online Information Resource and a Site for Case Report Submission on Drug-Induced Liver Injury
Jose Serrano MD, PhD

Acetaminophen Overdose: What Practitioners Need to Know
Khurram Bari, MD, and Robert J. Fontana, MD 

Overview of Drug-Induced Liver Injury in China
Gui-Qiang Wang, MD, Yong-Qiong Deng, MD, and Feng-Qin Hou, MS

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