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Practice Guidelines

Practice Guidelines Archive 

These evidence-based guidelines are developed and updated regularly by a committee of hepatology experts and include recommendations of preferred approaches to the diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive aspects of care.

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 Practice Guidelines Archive

Guideline TopicFilterGuidelineFilter
Hepatitis C
April 2011InactiveApril 2011NA
Hepatitis C
April 2009 InactiveApril 2011
June 2007 Inactive2007 February2009
June 2007 InactiveN/AN/A
Hepatocellular Carcinoma
November 2005 InactiveN/A2010
Liver Transplantation
June 2005 InactiveMarch 2014In progress
Acute Liver Failure
May 2005 InactiveAugust 20112011
February 2005 InactiveN/A2009
April 2004 InactiveN/AApril 2009
March 2004 InactiveN/AJune 2009
Wilson Disease
June 2003InactiveN/A2008
August 2002 InactiveN/A2010
Fatty Liver Disease
May 2002 InactiveN/AIn progress
Fatty Liver Disease
May 2002 Inactive2002June 2012
May 2001 InactiveN/A2010
Hepatic Injury
December 2000 InactiveN/ANone
April 2000 InactiveN/AJuly 2009
AASLD Practice Guidelines Pocket Cards

AASLD strives to review and update its Practice Guidelines every five (5) years, as necessary.  Users are cautioned that in the interim, scientific and medical developments may supercede or invalidate, in whole or in part, specific recommendations in any Guideline. A Guideline is considered to be "inactive" if it has not been updated by AASLD in at least five (5) years, and for this reason particular care must be exercised in placing reliance on an inactive Guideline. 

Guidelines Development

AASLD Practice Guidelines are copyright protected. One copy may be accessed for personal research, scientific, scholarly or informational purposes and may be transmitted  to a third-party colleague in hard copy or electronically for similar use. Up to three figures, tables and brief excerpts less than 400 words may be used in one’s scientific, scholarly and educational work with appropriate credit. Permission is required to reproduce four or more figures, tables, and sections over 400 words or complete practice guidelines and position papers for systematic redistribution. Re-sale is not allowed. Please contact adavisowino@aasld.org for assistance.

AASLD does not accept corporate support for the development of practice guidelines.  However, AASLD gratefully acknowledges the support of Merck and Bayer HealthCare/Onyx Pharmaceuticals in providing independent medical education grants for PDA software applications for AASLD practice guidelines.