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The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) sponsors scientific and educational programs initiated by other organizations. AASLD restricts its Sponsorship to programs that focus on the science and/or practice of hepatology.

The over-arching principles and criteria for AASLD to sponsor an educational/scientific program of another organization include:

  1. The program should align with the mission and uphold the standards of AASLD
  2. The program should benefit AASLD as an organization or AASLD members
  3. The program must represent prudent use of AASLD resources

Download AASLD's Sponsorship Policy [PDF].

Sponsorship Eligibility

Organizations eligible to request Sponsorship

  • Groups eligible to apply for sponsorship include:
    • Non-profit, independent, academic medical societies/organizations with multi-national or multidisciplinary memberships (e.g., ILCA, FASEB)
    • National medical societies
    • Government health agencies (e.g., NIH, WHO)
  • Lay organizations, individual universities or departments, local or city-based societies, or other groups who do not have a formal structure, are ineligible for sponsorship.

Types of programs eligible for Sponsorship

  • AASLD will only sponsor educational or scientific programs relevant to the practice or science of hepatology.
  • Sponsorship will be limited to: AASLD speaker support and trainee travel awards
  • No unrestricted grants will be provided
  • Annual meetings or regular meetings of other national medical societies will not be eligible for sponsorship.

Specific program requirements

  • The program must be composed of high quality presentations given by experts that are free of commercial bias.


  • Sponsorship of previous programs does not guarantee continued sponsorship; requests are annual and not automatically renewed.

Sponsorship: Process & Policies


  • Eligible organizations seeking AASLD Sponsorship of a program must complete an online application via the AASLD website.
  • Applications will be directed to the Global Outreach and Engagement Committee, who will determine whether the eligibility requirements are met, score applications, and decide on the sponsorship.
  • The AASLD reserves the right to decline any request for sponsorship without comment.

Required elements of the application

  • Name of program/meeting
  • Date and location
  • Target audience and expected number of participants
  • Meeting objectives
  • Statement of mission alignment
  • Program proposal including: sessions, topics, proposed speakers

Deadline for submission of applications

  • There will be two cycles for submission each year:
    • Cycle 1: Opens September 2 and closes March 1
    • Cycle 2: Opens March 2 and closes September 1
  • Requests for AASLD Sponsorship should be submitted well in advance of the program.
  • All applications must be complete or they will not be reviewed in that cycle.

Notification of approval

  • Notifications of outcomes of the application for the March submission will be made in May, and for the September submission in November.
  • Approval notices will be accompanied by full instructions regarding the permitted use of the AASLD name and trademark.

Post-approval oversight

  • A copy of the final program, number of participants, and participant evaluation of the program, if available, should be submitted via email within 3 months of completion of the program.


  • Improper use of the AASLD name and logo or failure to comply with the post-approval oversight information outlined above will result in future applications being deemed ineligible.

Sponsorship Types, Terms & Conditions

Types of Sponsorship

  • Speaker support — AASLD will cover travel expenses for speakers per the AASLD policy. The speaker(s) must be an AASLD member(s) and deemed appropriate for the topic.
  • Travel grants — AASLD will provide travel grants for AASLD members, including trainee members, and on occasion for non-member trainees, attending the program. The amount of the individual grant must be within existing AASLD policies. AASLD will disburse the grant to the society with the expectation that the travel award be given at the time of the meeting. The organizer will verify awardee attendance and report to AASLD post-conference. Awardees not in attendance are not eligible to receive a travel award and the society will return unused funds to AASLD.
  • NOTE — Unrestricted grants to support a meeting will not be considered.

Letter of Agreement

A Letter of Agreement between AASLD and the external organization is required and must be signed before any funding will be provided.

Funding Levels

Funding request is limited to a maximum of $15,000. AASLD will retain the ability to withdraw from a previously agreed Sponsorship arrangement in the event of failure of the proposed program to be delivered. Funding for awardees that do not attend must be returned to AASLD.

AASLD Promotion

  • AASLD will be provided the following promotion opportunities in exchange for sponsorship:
    • complimentary exhibit space (if exhibit booths are available)
    • opportunity to distribute literature
    • walk-in slide recognizing AASLD’s support
    • walk-in slides and/or a video about AASLD services and benefits

Acknowledgment of AASLD sponsorship is required

  • Programs approved by AASLD under these guidelines may use the AASLD logo accompanied by the term “Sponsored by AASLD” on all relevant official documents and program materials.
  • AASLD will be acknowledged and thanked for their support.
  • The names, logos, and acronyms of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and The Liver Meeting® are the exclusive property of and trademarked by AASLD. They may not be used in any way, for any purpose or at any time (including but not limited to announcements, invitations, emails, web publications, etc.) without the expressed written permission of AASLD.

Note: AASLD does not provide an email distribution list, or dedicated blast emails to the AASLD email distribution list, for any events that are not directly planned and implemented by AASLD.