The Governing Board manages the affairs of AASLD by establishing and modifying professional scientific business administrative policies to further the mission of the Association. The Governing Board approves an annual budget, establishes financial goals, oversees financial operations, and has discretion in the control, management, investment and disbursement of funds. The Board shall establish and review long-term objectives of AASLD and determine the priority of all programs and activities.

The Board consists of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and seven Councilors (three elected as regular Councilors, three elected as Councilors-at-Large and the Past-President).

Nominations for the Governing Board are made by the nominating committee, which is made up of members who have demonstrated a commitment to AASLD scientific meetings and as members of AASLD member committees.

The relationships, rights, responsibilities, and obligations of AASLD members, officers, the Governing Board and committees are described in our bylaws [PDF].

Download AASLD's Code for the Assessment and Management of Conflict of Interest [PDF].