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At a time of uncertainty for our colleagues across the world who are affected by President Donald Trump’s executive order imposing restrictions on travel to the United States, AASLD continues to focus on fostering diversity and inclusion among our members and the global hepatology community.

Our process of review and acceptance of papers in AASLD journals as well as abstracts at our meetings has never been, and will never be, influenced by country of origin. We welcome all who want to participate in our meetings and encourage all who want to join AASLD or submit to our publications.

We know preventing and curing liver diseases requires a global effort. We understand great scientific minds are located around the world, and the ability to collaborate is vital for AASLD to achieve its mission.

We join our colleagues who are concerned about the long-term effects this executive order may have on hepatology. AASLD will always be concerned about restrictions that could potentially discourage young physicians from training or practicing hepatology in the US, halt critical research and collaborations, and prevent the dissemination of hepatology research and education around the world.

With over 22% of our members residing outside of the United States, 43% of The Liver Meeting® attendees coming from around the world, and numerous submissions to our publications from the global research community, we know the importance of diversity among our membership and collaboration among global communities of hepatology researchers and practitioners.

AASLD continues to explore partnerships, education and research opportunities with sister societies around the globe. We are committed to supporting our colleagues who have an interest in bringing their ideas, talents and abilities to the US, and we are proud to be a global organization that embraces diversity in our membership, meetings, publications, awards and partnerships.