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It is the most exciting time in the history of hepatology.  The field changes with each decade, each year, each week.  AASLD leads the way.


AASLD Strategic Plan

Our Vision: To prevent and cure liver disease

Our Mission: To advance and disseminate the science and practice of hepatology, and to promote liver health and quality patient care

Goal 1: Professional Development Goal 2: Research Innovations Goal 3: Treatment Advancement and Awareness Goal 4: Organizational Health and Research Alignment
Serve as thought leaders and the global hub of knowledge in liver disease. Advance skills and provide resources to foster career growth and professional development. Serve as a central resource promoting knew knowledge in liver health through the support of innovative research. Educate healthcare providers on best practices to improve patient outcomes and increase patient and public awareness of liver disease and its treatment. Develop and align the organization's resources to achieve the mission of AASLD.
Those entering the field of hepatology count on AASLD for mentoring and recruitment. Established professionals rely on AASLD to enrich their careers and boost their leadership skills through Special Interest Groups, committees, and task forces. They engage in The Liver Meeting® and AASLD niche conferences, our premier gatherings, to share and learn about the most recent advances. They subscribe to AASLD journals, use LiverLearning® and our other online resources, and rely on our state-of-the-art practice guidelines

The AASLD strategic plan outlines how we will support career development for those entering the field, and provide the resources that enable the best and the brightest in hepatology to keep their edge.
Advances in treatment, transplantation, and research mean a brighter future for those with liver disease -- and challenges and opportunities for those who care for them. AASLD will continue to bridge research and policy, spur innovation, and support collaboration. With the establishment of The AASLD Foundation, we embark on an effort to sustain the research awards that have proven so critical to the growth of the field and the ones yet to come that will change even more lives.

Our new strategic plan makes it clear: AASLD supports research and offers a solid return on investment.
The universe of hepatology includes patients, providers, payers, and policy makers -- and they all benefit from the best practices AASLD advances. Our new strategic plan outlines how we will partner with organizations, deploy technology, and institute quality measures to improve outcomes and educate everyone with a stake in liver health.

The solutions of tomorrow are in development today. Count on AASLD for the vitals.
To continue thriving, we must keep our members challenged, fulfilled, and committed to the organization. We will also need to attract even more healthcare professionals who give their best to their patients, their research, and our field. Much of our new strategic plan focuses outward -- on our profession, on the latest research, and on educating our members and the public. But a critical section of the plan compels us to look inward to sustain what we've built over decades of growth.


By promoting our brand and analyzing our constituents and their needs, we will make sure we are reaching everyone with an interest in liver health and offering products they value. And through self-assessment and continuous quality improvement, we will ensure that we are financially strong and equipped to achieve our mission.