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Affiliate Events

Events planned independently of AASLD are categorized as Affiliate Events. These activities provide opportunities for colleagues to gather and/or network with others within the field.

AASLD understands the value of having a large number of specialists in one place and we offer the opportunity for universities, government agencies, nonprofit and corporate/industry groups to organize non-educational events over the course of The Liver Meeting®.

There is a non-refundable administrative fee for each submitted application*. See fee table below. The administrative fee will be waived for nonprofit and college/university sponsored events.  In addition, exhibitors at The Liver Meeting® will receive a 20% discount on their application fee.  Please contact for the access code to receive the discount.

  • Before August 16, 2017: $300
  • After August 16 but Before October 4: $350
  • After October 4: $550

Events at Official and Unofficial Facilities

All events involving The Liver Meeting® attendees require AASLD approval. This includes events scheduled at unofficial facilities (corporate headquarters, non-official hotels, restaurants, special venues, etc.). 

Restricted Times and Prohibited Events

Restricted and Approved Times

The Liver Meeting® schedule is developed to maximize attendees’ participation in AASLD’s scientific program and exhibits. Therefore, the availability and timing of affiliate events is limited. Affiliate events, including transportation and registration for the events, may be held during the unrestricted times included on grid Appendix A [PDF]. All restricted times are reserved for AASLD programs, meetings, and functions. AASLD is protective of its attendees’ time, energy, and attention and strongly objects to third party initiatives scheduled outside of established guidelines.

Prohibited Events

The following types of events are not allowed during The Liver Meeting®:

  • Non-satellite symposia educational activities.
  • Travel welcome desks.

Description of Affiliate Events

Affiliate events are limited to no more than 150 AASLD attendees and include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Committee Meetings and Advisory Board Meetings
    Small meetings, generally 25 people or fewer. Meetings of committees, task forces or advisory members, executive boards of exhibiting companies, universities, or non-profit organizations sponsored and financially supported by a pharmaceutical/biotech organization, academic center or nonprofit and focuses on genuine need, benefits patient welfare and documents outcomes and advances in hepatology/liver disease.
  • Focus Groups
    Meetings that target a specific group of attendees to obtain specific data, evaluate services or test new ideas, ideally with 30 attendees or fewer.
  • Hospitality Suites
    Social gatherings sponsored and financially supported by a government, industry, nonprofit or university organization. These events MUST be held in hotel hospitality suites during the approved affiliate event times. Educational activity of any kind is strictly prohibited. All hospitality suites must be secured through onPeak, AASLD’s official housing partner after the application has been approved. 
  • Investigator/KOL Meetings
    Sponsored and financially supported by a pharmaceutical/biotech organization, academic center, nonprofit organization or consortium. Investigator meetings are closed to the public and must focus on institutional review board or regulatory agency approved protocol and must review or conduct results of a specific study, current clinical trial or products. (Promotional meetings for data presentation or to launch a drug or study are prohibited.)
  • Social/Networking and University Alumni Events
    Receptions, dinners or other events organized and sponsored financially by a university, government agency or nonprofit organization. No educational programming can be offered or presented.
  • Offices
    Rooms held on a 24-hour basis for Government, Industry, Nonprofit and/or Universities. Staff restricted to two (2) per organization.
  • Staff Meetings
    Meetings of exhibitor staff only. Staff meetings should be closed to the public and may not include AASLD attendees unless they are full time employees of the exhibiting company. Not held on a 24 hour basis.
  • Industry Supported Satellite Symposia
    Events that include formal presentations, equipment demonstrations, procedural instructions, or continuing medical education (CME) are regarded as educational and must be approved according to satellite symposia guidelines
  • Other Events
    All other events require AASLD approval. If a proposed event is not defined or described above, the proposed event will still be subject to approval.

To Reserve a space:

  • There is a non-refundable administrative fee for each submitted application. Please be advised that no event will be confirmed, approved or have space released until the administrative fee has been received. The administrative fee will be waived for nonprofit and college/ university sponsored events.
  • Exhibitors and/or meeting coordinators are not permitted to reserve meeting rooms directly through the convention center or hotels contracted by AASLD until the event is approved.
  • Available space is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.


AASLD approval of bus staging is required. Organizations providing transportation to and/or from the convention center and participating hotels to an event venue must contact AASLD no later than October 4, 2017.

Marketing Activities and Event Invitations/Notices

All invitations and event notices for affiliate events must be submitted to AASLD for review by October 4, 2017.  AASLD mailing list rentals are not available for affiliate event invitations.

Onsite marketing activities for affiliate events are restricted to the sponsor’s exhibit booth (if applicable) and one sign outside the assigned room just prior to the start of the event only.  Promotion of the affiliate or off site event is specifically forbidden in other areas of AASLD designated convention centers or hotels. This includes door drops, distribution of invitations, signs and/or exhibitor agents, designees or staff holding signage or directing attendees. Such invitations and signage will be removed and destroyed.  

The names, logos, and acronyms of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and The Liver Meeting® are the exclusive property of and are trademarked by AASLD.  They may not be used in any way, for any purpose or at any time (including but not limited to announcements, invitations, emails, Web publications, etc.) without the express written permission of AASLD.

The only terminology approved for use in all printed material referencing the meeting (including emails and publications on the Web) is: “while attending The Liver Meeting® 2017, or the 69th AASLD Annual Meeting.” And the following must appear prominently and legibly in all printed material promoting the affiliate/exhibitor event (including emails and publications on the Web): “This is not an official function/event of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.”

It is not acceptable to use “at The Liver Meeting® 2017, or the 69th AASLD Annual Meeting”; “during The Liver Meeting 2017 or the 69th AASLD Annual Meeting” or “in conjunction with The Liver Meeting® or the 69th AASLD Annual Meeting.

If given approval to use The Liver Meeting® in your terminology, you must attribute AASLD’s trademark as follows: “The Liver Meeting® is a registered trademark of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.”

You may not use AASLD’s trademark:

  • In, as, or as part of your own trademarks
  • To identify products or services that are not ours
  • In a manner likely to cause confusion
  • In a manner that implies inaccurately that we sponsor or endorse, or are otherwise connected with, your own activities, products, and services

The mention of a free or complimentary gift is strictly prohibited in all invitations and promotional printed material.


All affiliate events must be held in compliance with all guidelines and codes regarding the relationship between pharmaceutical and medical device/equipment industry and healthcare professionals. Anyone involved in an affiliate event (including consultants, PR companies, 3rd party planners and staff) agrees to observe AASLD rules and regulations. All exhibitors or potential exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that their company representatives and/or agents adhere to all rules and regulations outlined herein and throughout the Exhibitor Prospectus. Any violations may jeopardize future exhibiting status.

If an affiliate event is found to have violated AASLD rules and regulations, the sponsoring organization, the supporting organization and the organizer of the event may be prohibited from holding an affiliate event the following year. Violations may also result in the loss of exhibitor priority points. 

Space Information

Space availability at each hotel will be on a first-come, first served basis, based on date application is received. The Hotel will provide space assignment once your request is approved by AASLD. Once space is assigned and you receive your confirmation, you can contact the meeting facility and make further arrangements for meeting room rental and food and beverage requirements. Menus will be provided by the facility. A food and beverage minimum and/or may apply.