Call For Volunteers and Nominations

We encourage you to volunteer your time, or nominate your colleagues, to help support the mission and vision of the Association. The web-based AASLD Call for Volunteers and Nominations for the Governing Board, Nominating Committee, Standing Committees and Distinguished Awards is open! We are seeking a diverse pool of candidates to help guide the future of the organization and support our mission to prevent and cure liver disease. AASLD values and seeks diverse leadership as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, appearance, geographic location, and professional level. Nominations close February 22, 2023, so don't delay - do your part and submit to volunteer today!

It's As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. View and download the 78 open Standing Committee Positions in 2024 [PPT] and submit an application for yourself or for a colleague.
  2. Log in to your AASLD member profile to submit your nominations.
  3. Choose from the four modules – Leadership, Committees, Distinguished Awards and Patient Representatives – to begin your nomination process.

Nominating Committee

Nominees for the Nominating Committee should demonstrate:

  • Accomplishments in the study or care of patients with liver diseases, and in the fields of clinical, basic or health services research.
  • Evidence of commitment to AASLD activities such as presentations at meetings of the Association and service on AASLD committees.

The Nominating Committee will review submitted nominations in April of 2023 and make recommendations for elected and standing committee positions. The President-Elect will make the final appointments to standing committees with the approval of the Governing Board.

Volunteer for service on an AASLD standing committee. Terms begin on January 1, 2024.

Learn more about AASLD Committees.

Do you know a patient or patient advocate that would be interested in serving on an AASLD Committee?

Patient representatives are a vital part of our community, and as such we have committee positions that provide the patient voice in our AASLD work. We are currently accepting nominations for committee service to begin in 2024. AASLD Members are encouraged to nominate patient representatives. AASLD membership is not required for appointment to these positions and non-members representing the patient community may apply.

Learn more about AASLD Committees.

Nominations for the 2023 Distinguished Achievement, Distinguished Clinician Educator/Mentor, Distinguished Service Awards and Distinguished Advocacy Service Award are now open. Award recipients will be selected by the Distinguished Awards Committee with input from the Governing Board. Nominees are not required to be members of AASLD.

Distinguished Achievement Award
The Distinguished Achievement Award is given to an individual in honor of his or her sustained scientific contributions to the field of liver disease and the scientific foundations of hepatology. The award honors a sustained contribution rather than a single discovery or major achievement.

Distinguished Clinician Educator/Mentor Award
The Distinguished Clinician Educator/Mentor Award is given in honor of the sustained service of clinician educators to AASLD or the liver community in general. The award recognizes the skills of outstanding clinicians and educators who have made momentous contributions to hepatology over an extended period.

Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award is given to an individual in honor of his or her sustained service to AASLD or the liver disease community in general. The award recognizes service provided to the community of hepatology researchers and clinicians over an extended period; service that is well above and beyond that provided by many members who serve on the Governing Board and Committees of AASLD.

Distinguished Advocacy Service Award
The AASLD Distinguished Advocacy Service Award is given to an advocacy organization or individual in honor of sustained service to the liver disease community in general. The award recognizes service provided to the hepatology community over an extended period that raises awareness and garners public and federal legislative support and promotes liver health and quality patient care.

Your participation in the nominations process is essential for the governance of the Association and is appreciated. If you have questions, direct them to

Volunteer or Nominate