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The Liver Meeting® 2017: Continuing Education

Needs Statement

Acute and chronic liver diseases are among the ten leading causes of deaths in the United States. The Liver Meeting® will facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge from cutting-edge clinical, basic and translational research in liver transplantation and diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Integrating evidence-based medicine and new quality concepts into practice is essential to ultimately improve health outcomes. Through networking opportunities and a variety of educational and interactive sessions, healthcare professionals worldwide can effectively diagnose and manage liver disorders.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this live activity, learners will be able to:

  • Evaluate recent advancements in groundbreaking basic, translational, comparative effectiveness, outcomes and clinical research in diseases of the liver and biliary tract that may be readily incorporated into practice.
  • Examine short and long-term patient outcomes following liver transplantation by integrating current evidence-based practice in pre-transplant clinical care, advances in surgical techniques and state-of-the-art post-operative management.
  • Formulate partnerships and develop comparative effectiveness projects, design clinical trials and complete on-going investigative efforts to improve the health outcomes in acute and chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract.

Core Competencies

The Liver Meeting® was planned in the context of the following ACGME/IOM/IPEC competencies: Patient Care and Procedural Skills, Medical Knowledge, Practice-based Learning and Improvement, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Professionalism, Systems-based Practice, Provide Patient-centered care, Work in Interdisciplinary Teams, Employ Evidence-based practice, Apply Quality Improvements, Utilize Informatics, Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice, Roles/Responsibilities, Interprofessional Communication, Teams and Teamwork.

Target Audience

All healthcare providers with an interest in hepatology will benefit from the information presented at The Liver Meeting®, including:

  •  Hepatologists
  •  Gastroenterologists
  •  Nurses
  •  Nurse Practitioners
  •  Pharmacists
  •  Physician Assistants
  •  Transplant Coordinators
  •  Surgeons
  •  Fellows/Trainees
  •  Internal Medicine Physicians
  •  Internal Medicine Residents and Medical Students
  •  Researchers
  •  Cell Biologists
  •  Lawyers who specialize in medical practice
  •  Infectious Disease Specialists
  •  Public Health Workers
  •  Research Coordinators
  •  Nurse Educators
  •  Pharmaceutical Industry Representatives


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