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Kick-start your day in these highly interactive sessions focusing on a specialized area of liver disease or investigation. Take advantage of this opportunity to network with experts and your peers in a small group setting.

Note: Early Morning Workshops are limited to 50 participants in each workshop. A ticket is required.


Saturday, November 10, 6:30 am - 7:30 am
Sunday, November 11, 6:30 am - 7:30 am
Monday, November 12, 6:30 am - 7:30 am

Continuing Medical Education

  • N/A


Saturday, November 10: Basic

  • EMW-01
    Inflammation in Portal Hypertension: Macrophages and Kupffer cells
  • EMW-02
    Stem Cells in Liver Disease
  • EMW-03
    CRISPR Therapy for Liver Diseases
  • EMW-04
    NASH: Basic Mechanisms and Targets
  • EMW-05
    Ductular Reaction and Senescence: Chicken or the Egg?
  • EMW-06
    MicroRNA in Diagnosis and Treatment of Liver Disease


Saturday, November 10: Clinical

  • EMW-07
    Hepatitis C in Decompensated Cirrhosis: Treatment Before or After Liver Transplantation
  • EMW-08
    Assessing Frailty and Sarcopenia in Cirrhosis
  • EMW-09
    ICU Management of Patients With Cirrhosis
  • EMW-10
    Management of Drug Interactions for Medications Commonly Prescribed in Chronic Liver Disease
  • EMW-11
    Novel Treatments for Primary Biliary Cholestasis
  • EMW-12
    Utilization of HCV+ Organs in HCV- Patients
  • EMW-13
    Current and Future Treatments for Alcoholic Hepatitis
  • EMW-14
    Mitigation of Long-Term Adverse Events in Liver Transplantation
  • EMW-15
    Pathogenesis and Interventions in Pediatric NAFLD
  • EMW-16
    Mitochondrial Hepatopathies

Sunday, November 11: Basic

  • EMW-17
    Microbiome and Liver Disease
  • EMW-18
    Organelle Trafficking and Liver Disease
  • EMW-19
    Inflammasome and Liver Disease
  • EMW-20
    Mechanisms of Alcohol-Induced Liver Injury and Targets for New Therapies
  • EMW-21
    Autophagy in Liver Disease
  • EMW-22
    Liver Fibrosis and Stellate Cell Biology

Sunday, November 11: Clinical

  • EMW-23
    Hepatitis C Controversies: Risks of Liver Cancer
  • EMW-24
    Curative Therapy for Hepatitis B
  • EMW-25
    Vascular Thrombosis and Managing Coagulation Disorders in Cirrhosis
  • EMW-26
    Systemic and Immunotherapies for Liver Cancer
  • EMW-27
    New Insights in Pathogenesis and Management of PSC
  • EMW-28
    Personalized Therapies for Pediatric Cholestatic Liver Diseases
  • EMW-29
    Non-Invasive Assessments of Liver Fibrosis
  • EMW-30
    Management of AKI in Patients With Cirrhosis
  • EMW-31
    New Donor Allocation Polices: Too Much or Not Enough?
  • EMW-32
    Controversies in Cannabis

Monday, November 12: Basic

  • EMW-33
    Bile Acid Transporters in Liver Disease
  • EMW-34
    Exploring Mechanisms of HCC in NASH
  • EMW-35
    New Therapeutic Targets for Hepatitis B
  • EMW-36
    Modifying Liver Regeneration
  • EMW-37
    Mechanisms of Disease Resolution
  • EMW-38
    Immunologic and Genetic Factors in Pediatric Acute Liver Failure: Implications for Novel Therapies


Monday, November 12: Clinical

  • EMW-39
    New Models for Delivery of Care for Hepatitis C – ECHO or Beyond
  • EMW-40
    Management of the Adult Patient With a History of Pediatric Liver Disease
  • EMW-41
    Assessment of Liver Transplant Candidates: When Is the Risk Too High?
  • EMW-42
    Management Pearls in Acute Liver Failure
  • EMW-43
    New Approaches to Gastric Varices and Ectopic Variceal Hemorrhage
  • EMW-44
    Managing Acute and Chronic Liver Disease During Pregnancy
  • EMW-45
    Mechanisms of Chronic Drug-Induced Liver Injury
  • EMW-46
    Current and Future Treatments for NASH
  • EMW-47
    Cardiopulmonary Complications of Cirrhosis
  • EMW-48
    Ethics in Academic Medicine: Real-Life Dilemmas