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Corporate Supporters Help Us Do More for Liver Disease

Corporate donors have long sustained progress in hepatology through their untiring commitment to investing in research and training. We applaud these efforts and welcome support that helps to make more cures possible.

As a Foundation donor or grantor, your investment in hepatology will reach across all of our charter initiatives, including research and career development awards, advance hepatology training efforts, and public outreach through Fundamentals of Liver Disease.

When you become a donor, we showcase your support of our mission to the entire hepatology community through promotion of your philanthropy at our meetings and in our communications. Your investment comes with tremendous benefits. Supporters also enjoy opportunities for strategic AASLD Foundation briefings and a closer connection to future hepatology leaders through ongoing stewardship.

Contact us to find out how we can work together to foster more cures for liver disease.

Recognizing Significant Contributions from Our Industry Friends

The AASLD Foundation’s Founders Society is the premier donor recognition circle established to honor the generosity and commitment of companies who partner with us to ensure more resources for liver disease research and advanced hepatology training. AASLD Foundation’s Founders Society supporters have each made commitments of $2 million or more to support the establishment of the AASLD Foundation and to ensure more funding resources are available each year to invest in innovative hepatology research and in the people who study and treat liver disease.

We are also grateful to our Innovators, Visionary, and Partners Society supporters whose companies provide generous support to ensure funding of new research and advanced hepatology training opportunities.

Contact Julie M. Wolfe, Director of Development, for more information about supporting our initiatives and our corporate donor recognition societies.

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To learn more about how you can support liver disease research and training, contact us at 703-299-9766, or email