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The mission of the Acute on Chronic Liver Failure SIG is to promote increased understanding of the changing landscape of research into patients with chronic liver disease and cirrhosis who develop acute deterioration of their condition. Through consortia and multi-center studies, the definition, prognostication and therapeutic strategies of acute-on-chronic liver failure are explored.

The overall goal is to generate interest and encourage continuing research into this fast-increasing condition.

Communications Subcommittee

  • Co-Chair: Jennifer Cindy Lai, MD
  • Co-Chair: Thomas M. Leventhal, MD
  • Member: Christophe Moreno, MD, PhD
  • Member: Rajani Sharma, MD

Education Subcommittee

  • Co-Chair: Puneeta Tandon, MD, FRCPC
  • Co-Chair: Constantine J. Karvellas, MD, SM, FRCPC
  • Member: Juan F. Gallegos, MD
  • Member: Ahmet Gurakar, MD, FAASLD
  • Member: Ruhail Kohli, MD
  • Member: Filipe Sousa Cardoso, MD, MSc
  • Member: Amrendra Mandal, MD

Global Outreach Subcommittee

  • Co-Chair: Andres Cardenas, MD, MMSc, PhD, FAASLD
  • Co-Chair: Charles Panackel, MD, DNB, DM
  • Member: Richard Moreau, MD; INSERM
  • Member: Neeraj Saraf, MD, DNB
  • Member: Luis S. Marsano, MD, FAASLD

Membership and Mentorship Subcommittee

  • Chair: Hugo E. Vargas, MD, FAASLD
  • Member: Natasha Chandok, MD, MPH
  • Member: Ethan M. Weinberg, MD
  • Member: Christina Cress Lindenmeyer, MD
  • Member: Rafael E. Cuellar, MD
  • Member: Kavish R. Patidar, DO

SIG Leadership

  • Hugo E. Vargas, MD, FAASLD
  • Puneeta Tandon, MD, FRCPC
  • Andres Cardenas, MD, MMSc, PhD, FAASLD
    Steering Committee
  • Constantine J. Karvellas, MD, SM, FRCPC
    Steering Committee
  • Jennifer Cindy Lai, MD
    Steering Committee
  • Thomas M. Leventhal, MD
    Steering Committee
  • Benedict J. Maliakkal, MD
    Steering Committee
  • Jody C. Olson, MD
  • Bette Anne Preston
    Staff Liaison