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Membership Calendar Change: What You Need to Know

Q. Why is AASLD changing its membership year?

A. The new membership year is changing to align with the academic year, July 1- June 30, rather than the calendar year. As an added bonus, members will have one less thing to think about during the holiday season.

Q. When will this change take place?

A. Currently, your membership is active January through December. On July 1, 2017, your AASLD membership term will change. Under the new schedule, members can expect their membership term to begin in July and conclude the following June.

Q. Will the total amount of my dues change?

A. The total amount of your annual dues will not change. When you renew between October and December 2016, you will pay dues for six months, covering the period January 2017 through June 2017. During the spring of 2017 you will be asked to renew a second time – you will receive notice to renew for the new membership year, July 2017 – June 2018.

Q. Can I go ahead and renew for 18 months?

A. For convenience, members will be given the option to renew for 18 months (January 2017 – June 2018) at The Liver Meeting® 2016 in Boston, MA. Please visit the Pavilion area at the meeting for more details. If you are not attending the meeting this year and would like to renew for 18 months, please contact AASLD Member Services at 703-299-9766 or via email at