Nov 12, 2021


Earn CMEs credits through one of our independent educational symposia, sponsored/organized by an ACCME accredited organization.

You have questions—find the answers during Satellite Symposia. Join engaging and informative sessions that are sure to help jumpstart your morning and energize you with insights and ideas. At 8:00 AM, tune in for Current Landscape in the Systemic Treatment of Hepatobiliary Cancers, where participants will explore how to evaluate clinical data on the use of systemic treatment approaches for patients with early or intermediate-stage HCC; and Updates and Insights on HRS for the Liver Specialist, which focuses on increasing participant knowledge concerning hepatorenal syndrome (HRS).

At 7:00 PM, you won’t want to miss Applying NASH: Tools for Earlier Diagnosis and Promising Emerging Therapies. Participants will explore how to incorporate comprehensive noninvasive methodologies into practice to better diagnose and grade NASH and assess patients on treatment to optimize outcomes.

Be sure to mark your calendar for Sunday at 8:00 AM, and plan to attend Harmonizing HCC Care With a Multidisciplinary Ensemble. Participants will explore how to assess the latest efficacy and safety evidence on available and emerging systemic treatments for patients with advanced HCC. At 7:00 PM, Getting Closer to Targeted Therapies for NASH will explore how to select appropriate noninvasive diagnostic tests to stratify risk in patients with NAFLD/NASH and incorporate currently recommended therapies for preventing serious complications into the plan of care for these particular patients.