All applicants must meet the following mandatory criteria:

  • Current membership with 10 or more consecutive years of associate, regular or international membership
  • Completed post-graduate training as a PharmD/RPh, PA, NP, RD, or RN (Masters, DNP, PhD or equivalent). Anyone with an MD/DO is not eligible.
  • In academic or clinical practice for more than 10 years since completing post-graduate training or licensure
  • Current or past leadership position in AASLD or other liver related societies (e.g. ALF, EASL, APASL, ALEH) or any other non-liver related medical society at a state, national, or international level (e.g. SGNA, AANP, AAPA)
  • Evidence of service to the community (e.g. ALF activity, local organizations)
  • Attended five of the last 10 Liver Meetings
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from current FAASLD members

Additional criteria

Must meet criteria of one of two tracks in addition to mandatory criteria: Clinical Practice OR Administrative/Leadership/Clinical Research/Educators

Clinical Practice

  • Actively caring for patients with liver disease for the last 10 years.

Administrative/Leadership/Clinical Research/Educators

  • Faculty appointment in teaching hospital or academic medical center at Associate Professor/Professor level or equivalent including Adjunct;
  • AND ≥ than 10 peer reviewed full publications related to liver disease and/or accepted first author abstracts related to liver disease with oral or poster presentations at regional, national, or international meetings.