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Our Story

The AASLD Foundation is a charitable organization created to fill the void between bright, talented researchers and the financial resources needed to encourage their discovery; to keep pace with the need for more professionals trained to provide care for patients with liver disease; and to share cutting edge hepatology knowledge with physicians worldwide. Our Research and Career Development Awards are needed more now than ever.

We are the official Foundation of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) – the leading organization of scientists and health care professionals committed to preventing and curing liver disease. Building on AASLD’s reputation and expertise, we are committed to expanding patient care options and exploring innovative liver disease research. We are governed by our Foundation Board of Trustees and several committees dedicated to guiding our programs.

Our Focus Is Simple

We seek to save lives by aggressively pursuing the prevention and ultimate cure of liver disease. We aim to inspire the next generation of hepatologists by supporting innovative research and connecting young investigators to essential training resources that they otherwise would not be able to attain.

Our Impact is Real

We are the largest private supporter of hepatology research in the United States, and, together with AASLD, have provided more than $42 million in awards to advance crucial liver research. Alumni of our Research and Career Development Awards include Norah Terrault, MD, FAASLD, whose ground breaking research on Chronic Hepatitis B & C has fundamentally changed how we view the viruses.

Awards through the AASLD Foundation not only drive innovative research in hepatology but are also an investment in the careers of future change makers in our field. Typically, every dollar of dollar invested in the AASLD Foundation research has resulted in a 275% return on investment based on additional funding from NIH and other sources.

Our Programs

Some of our highest priorities include research, advancing human health, and developing the next generation of hepatologists, liver transplant surgeons, and allied health professionals.

Our Research and Career Development awards are the preeminent awards dedicated to hepatology research and training. We are not only committed to funding innovative liver research, we are committed to increasing the number of health care professionals trained to care for patients with liver disease.

Our awards:

  • Secure training for those caring for patients with liver disease
  • Provide critical funding for new and innovative liver research
  • Encourage young investigators new to the field
  • Increase access to health professionals trained to providers for patients with liver disease

We developed Fundamentals of Liver Disease, a complimentary, online CME course especially designed for primary care doctors and health care providers on the front lines of implementing screening recommendations for liver diseases.

We can do more. With your help, we will do more.

Since the creation of the Foundation, we have been continuously increasing the amount of funding we award to investigators. Each year we strive to be better than the last. We consistently create new programs and build on existing partnerships.

However, securing the future of the field is no small task. Every AASLD Foundation award is a substantial expenditure – and rightly so, because the fight against liver disease is expensive. Unfortunately, this means we traditionally are only able to fund 30-45% of our annual meritorious applicants. That’s a tremendous gap – and one that we can do something about – together. With every donation we will be one step closer to ending liver disease in our lifetime.

Contact Us

To learn more about how you can support liver disease research and training, contact the AASLD Foundation at 703-299-9766, or email

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