Faculty Presenters

We are excited to have you join us as faculty for AASLD’s annual meeting. The Liver Meeting Digital Experience™ ensures our global community will continue to have access to the latest science and learn from leading experts in the field safely – anytime, anywhere.

Key Details and Deadlines

As you prepare to present at TLMdX, please remember to:

NEW this year!

The AASLD has partnered with Freeman to provide you with professional, white glove service on recording your presentation(s) for the meeting. Freeman will work with you on scheduling, recording, and editing your presentation(s). Stay tuned for more information on scheduling your personal 1:1 recording session with the Freeman team.

Plan accordingly! There are no exceptions for late scheduling requests or requests for revisions after the October 15, 2021 deadline. Failure to meet this deadline will result in the removal of your presentation from the meeting.

If you cannot present during TLMdX, please inform AASLD staff at your earliest convenience.

Speaker Center

The Speaker Center is your one-stop-shop to view your confirmed faculty engagements and session information, and to plan your meeting schedule.

Visit the Speaker Center

Preparing Content and Deliverables

To help you develop your presentation, please find a list of required slide content required below.

Download the official AASLD TLMdX PowerPoint Presentation Template to develop your presentation.

Download the official AASLD Virtual Background--Option 1 or AASLD Virtual Background--Option 2 to use on the day of your presentation recording.

Required Slide Content:

  • Introduction Slide: Provide a brief background on yourself or your experience/expertise in the field
  • Disclosure Slides: Include a disclosure slide at the beginning of your presentation(s).
  • Key Take-Away Slide: Include at least one key takeaway slide in your presentation(s). The goal for this slide is to briefly summarize your key findings in a bullet point format; provide recommendations or actions to reinstate your message. Consider what “take-aways / key points” you want the attendees to remember from your presentation.
  • HIPAA: You are responsible for removing all patient-identifying information from your presentation. If your slides contain images or information about patients or other individuals, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate patient consent (including HIPAA authorization, if applicable) to include the material in your slides and authorize AASLD to record the presentation. For more information, visit Health Information Privacy.