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Leon Schiff State-of-the-Art Lecture

Date: Monday, November 15th
Time: 1:15 - 2:00 PM EST

About the Session

Complex multi-directional interactions occur between the gut microbiota and the liver. A disturbance of this delicate homeostasis can contribute to liver disease. Effects of untargeted microbiota therapies including antibiotics, probiotics and fecal microbiota transplantation, have been assessed in clinical trials.  Precision and targeted modifications such as engineered bacteria, postbiotics and phages, can precisely edit the microbiota and modify liver disease progression.

Learning Objectives

  • To identify the microbiota as beneficial factor for human health and liver homeostasis
  • To link changes of the gut microbiota with progression of liver diseases
  • To identify the gut microbiota as target for therapy of liver diseases