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Registration Opens in Late July

What to Know

Registration for The Liver Meeting will be opening later this summer. Register early to get the best rates and tickets to our famous Meet-the-Expert sessions before they sell out! If you're not a member, now's the time to sign up to get deeply discounted rates and earlier access.

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Registration Pricing

In Person Rates

Table of prices for The Liver Meeting
Table of prices for The Liver Meeting

TLMdX Rates

Table showing rates for The Liver Meeting
Table of prices for The Liver Meeting

Cancellation Policy

Registered attendees may cancel their participation in writing for the in-person or digital component of The Liver Meeting® at any time before October 23, 2024 and will incur a $50 administrative fee. Cancellations for the in-person component received on or after October 23, 2024 will not be refunded. Please email to submit any cancellation requests. 

Refunds will be processed at the conclusion of The Liver Meeting®. A written cancellation and refund request is required for all cancellations and should be sent to

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Group Registration

Group registrations can be completed online, once registration opens. Please note that a valid, unique email address for each person registered is required for Certificate of Attendance and CME. The email address of the group leader/organizer or sponsoring/organizing company will not be accepted. 

The Group Leader can create a group record through the AASLD registration system in late summer. Group Leaders can then register the individuals who are part of their group, make changes to existing group records, and apply payments to registrations. By submitting this information on behalf of individuals, Group Leaders represent that they have authorization to do so by each individual. 

The information required for each attendee includes: 

  • First and Last Name 
  • Company 
  • Mailing Address 
  • City/Country/Postal Code (ZIP Code) 
  • Phone 
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address (very important – must be a valid, unique work or personal email account for each person registered AND match their AASLD Membership email if applicable) 
  • Type of attendee (doctor, administrator, nurse, etc.) 

Important Information – New For This Year

As part of AASLD's conference registration process, all registrants are required to answer a series of registration questions individually. The questions include the Networking and Exhibitor/Supporter opt-in/out; as well as Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability, and the Data Privacy and Protection Policy. All registrants will receive a notification by email linking them to the mandatory questions on the Registration Resource Center after the group order is completed and payment has been made. Each link is unique to the individual's email address. Participation in The Liver Meeting® WILL NOT be confirmed until each individual answers the questions. Upon electronically reading and responding to all questions, a registration confirmation will be provided which will include login credentials for TLMdX® and information about participating in-person (if applicable). Please communicate this important message with your group.

How is the contact information for my group registrants used? 

Attendees participating in The Liver Meeting® will be offered several products that require a unique email address for each user for access. These products include CME, Certificates of Attendance, online evaluation, and online access to recorded sessions of the meeting via LiverLearning®.  

Additionally, each registrant’s badge number is encoded with the contact information provided at the time of registration. As attendees visit the exhibit hall in San Diego, they may request information from exhibitors. Exhibitors and supporters will be provided with registrant contact information, including first name, last name, email address, organization, mailing address, and country for the purposes of promotional mailing lists and sales leads for supporters, exhibitors, satellite symposia, and TLM theaters. All registrants will have the option to opt-in or opt-out of sharing this information with exhibitors and supporters as a part of the registration process. 

How do I know which category to use when registering an individual? 

AASLD offers several registration categories based on an individual’s training and employment. Please reference the below when deciding which category to register your group attendees under. If an individual is a member of AASLD, the registration rates applicable to their member type will be automatically provided during the registration search/look-up process. 

  • Nonmember: Any physician, scientist, or researcher with doctoral-level training OR any individual working in or related to the healthcare industry who does not have medical training. 
  • Trainee Nonmember: Any physician, scientist or researcher in a training program as certified by the director of their training program. Program director contact information will be required for verification purposes to register under this category. 
  • Hepatology Associate Nonmember: Allied health professionals with medical training other than doctoral-level training. This category includes, but is not limited to, the degrees of MS, NP, PA, RN and other related or comparable degrees. 
  • Student Nonmember: Individuals who are pursuing a medical, undergraduate or graduate degree. Department head contact information (name, institution, and email address) will be required for verification purposes to register under this category. 
  • Member*: Any current Regular, International, Emeritus or Corporate Affiliate member of AASLD. Current members are those individuals who have paid their dues for the current calendar year. 
  • Trainee Member*: Any current Trainee or International Trainee member of AASLD. Current members are those individuals who have paid their dues for the current calendar year. 
  • Hepatology Associate Member*: Any current Associate member of AASLD. 
  • Student Member*: Any current Student Member of AASLD. Current members are those individuals who have paid their dues for the current calendar year. 

*AASLD members MUST be in good standing at the time of registration. Our registration system will allow you to register members based on a match of the first and last names or email (note that names and email must match the information as entered in our system). If you need to verify membership for one or more of your delegates, please email Refunds for the difference in registration fees will not be given to those who renew or join after the registration has been processed.