Annual Meeting Education Committee


To improve and promote education in hepatology.


The Committee will:

  • Meet frequently with the course director(s) of AASLD's annual Postgraduate Course (held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting), to help in the design, planning, organization, and conduct of the course, to ensure the overall quality of its topics speakers, syllabus, and presentations.
  • Choose the organizers of the annual AASLD/NASPGHAN and Hepatology Associates Courses. Interact with the course organizers, to help in the design, planning, organization, and conduct of these Annual Meeting courses.
  • Interact with the course organizers of the annual AASLD/ASGE Endoscopy Course, to help in the design, planning, organization, and conduct of this annual course.
  • Work to promote educational activities by AASLD.
  • Identify and submit 1 - 2 important emerging trends (clinical, research) in a focused area annually.
  • Advise AASLD President and Governing Board on issues of both clinical and research training and education in hepatology, using the best scientific knowledge in liver and biliary disease.
  • Work within the budget and policies set forth by the Governing Board.

The Chair will:

  • Direct the planning process for the Annual Meeting Postgraduate Course.
  • Report regularly to the AASLD Governing Board on the status of the Postgraduate Course.
  • Participate as a member of the AASLD Scientific Program Committee.
  • Participate as a member of the Education Oversight Committee.
  • Interact regularly with the AASLD President and Governing Board.
  • Submit a written report to each Governing Board meeting.
  • Make policy recommendations to the Governing Board.

Size, Term, Composition

  • Seventeen members (17), who will include representatives of all important fields in hepatobiliary disease (hepatologists, surgeons, pediatricians, epidemiologists, pathologists, trainee representatives, and two associates).
  • The committee should have expertise in all the major fields of hepatologic research (such as alcoholic liver disease, viral hepatitis, pediatric liver disease, portal hypertension, autoimmune liver disease, biliary disease, cancer, and hepatic transplantation). Committee members will serve staggered three-year terms with new members appointed annually.
  • The chairperson will serve in that capacity for three years, and thus may extend his/her term on the committee to a total of four to five years.
  • Subcommittees may be formed by the chairperson to deal with specific issues.


  • Committee members will be selected by the AASLD President-Elect, with the advice and consent of the Governing Board.
  • The chair will be appointed by the AASLD President-Elect from the members who have already served for one to two years.
  • The course director of the annual Postgraduate Course will be the AASLD President-Elect or an individual appointed by him or her.
  • Special ad hoc members can be assigned to specific topics at the request of the chair and approval of the AASLD President.

Governing Board Liason

A board liaison will be appointed to the committee for the purpose of sharing information between committee members, the Governing Board, and AASLD staff.

Reports To

The committee reports to the Governing Board. Written reports are submitted for each Governing Board meeting.


The committee shall meet twice annually and file a written report with the Governing Board following each meeting.

Work Outside of Meetings

Committee members will review Postgraduate Course speaker syllabus materials and suggest, when appropriate, edits.


Individual committee member expenses are reimbursed in accordance with Association policy.

Relates to Goal

  • Goal 1.1 Provide in-person and online education.
  • Goal 2.1 Facilitate translational science continuity from basic discovery into practice, cost-effective care, and health policy.

Committee Members

Mazen Noureddin, MD, MHSc
Board Liaison
Michael R. Lucey, MD, FAASLD
Staff Liaisons
Faith Oyedepo
Tracy Talbot
Burcin Taner, MD
Jennifer M. Vittorio, MD
International Member
Masatoshi Kudo, MD, PhD
Hep Assoc Chair Member
Corrie Berk, NP, DNP, MBA
Maarouf A. Hoteit, MD
Committee Members
Robert J. Fontana, MD, FAASLD
Alyson N. Fox, MD, MSCE
Jennifer E. Guy, MD, MAS
Hin Hin Ko, MD, FRCPC
Willscott E. Naugler, MD, FAASLD
Erin Parkinson, MS, APRN-C
Pratima Sharma, MD, MS
Uyen To, MD
Robert J. Wong, MD, MS