Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were created to further enhance AASLD’s collaboration of scientists and health care professionals from a range of disciplines who share common specialized interests in the field of hepatology.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

SIG Leadership Roles

The position of Chair, Vice-chair and Secretary can only be occupied by AASLD Regular, International and Fellow members who are in good standing. Steering Committee positions can be occupied by AASLD membership categories that are in good standing and are SIG members.

The Chair will:

  • Set the agenda and preside over the annual business meeting and other SIG meetings/webinars
  • SIG Steering Committee oversight
  • Participate in quarterly conference calls and one in-person meeting (at Liver Capitol Hill Day) annually with the Governing Board Liaison (Councilor) and other AASLD leadership. If the SIG Chair cannot participate, the Vice-chair will represent the Chair or a representative from the SIG steering committee in the absence of the Vice-chair.
  • Serve additional responsibilities as requested by the Governing Board (e.g. represent the AASLD or select a representative for different topic-related committees, boards, etc.)
  • Review SIG leadership nominations and determine election slate each year. Chair can request assistance in selections from SIG leadership.
  • Oversight of all SIG Subcommittees (i.e. assignment of Subcommittee Chair)
  • During the second year of their term as Chair, they will serve on the SIG Leadership Council.

The Vice-chair will:

  • Assist Chair with annual business meeting and other SIG membership meetings
  • Assist Chair with Steering Committee oversight
  • Work together with Chair and Steering Committee members to effectively represent all SIG members
  • Serve as the representative of the SIG in the absence of the Chair

The Secretary will:

  • Approve official minutes of SIG business meetings in collaboration with AASLD staff
  • Prepare, review and keep a record of minutes of the SIG meetings and conference calls; maintain any reports of appointed groups
  • Prepare Secretary’s report for the SIG Annual Business Meeting
  • Report newly appointed SIG members and deceased/retired SIG members
  • Maintain list of SIG members

The Steering Committee members will:

  • Work together with the SIG leadership to effectively represent all SIG members
  • Serve additional responsibilities as requested by the Governing Board including
    • Serve as Subcommittee Chairs as appointed by the SIG Chair
    • Efficiently communicate with SIG Leadership, the activities and outcomes of Subcommittee work
    • Any other activities assigned by SIG Chair