DDW Scientific Program Committee


To develop the scientific and educational programming for AASLD's portion of Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) annually.


The Committee will:

  • Annually review and make recommendations concerning the DDW abstract submission form with input from the Annual Meeting Education Committee, Basic Research Committee, Clinical Research Committee, Continuing Medical Education Committee, Hepatology Associates Committee, Surgery and Liver Transplantation Committee, and Training and Workforce Committee and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).
  • Review and approve session proposals for all program content at DDW.
  • Review submitted abstracts for inclusion in the meeting.
  • Annually evaluate the abstract review process and educational programming and make recommendations for improvement to the Governing Board.

Appointment, Size, Term, Composition

The term of the DDW Scientific Program Committee is one year and begins on June 1.

The Committee will be appointed annually at the May Governing Board Meeting. The Committee chair will be the incoming Senior Councilor. Additionally, the Committee will include the President-Elect, Councilor, current or incoming Secretary, and Vice-Chairs of the Basic Research Committee, Clinical Research Committee, Continuing Medical Education Committee, Hepatology Associates Committee, and Training and Workforce Committee. The Committee will also include the Chair of the Clinical Practice SIG. The AASLD President will also appoint an additional SIG Chair (note, with the exception of the Clinical Practice SIG, no SIG should have a representative in two consecutive years). The AASLD President will also appoint one representative of the Inclusion and Diversity Committee and a pediatric hepatologist if one is already not a member of the committee. The committee may also recommend additional committee members to the President to reflect the diversity of submitted abstracts. The term is for one year (June through May).

Governing Board Liaison

The Committee Chair will serve as the Governing Board liaison for the purpose of sharing information between committee members, the Governing Board, and staff.

Reports To

The committee reports to the Governing Board.


The Committee will meet annually in:

  • June (program review and recommendations)
  • August (program and content review, approvals, and appointments)
  • January (abstract reviews)

All meetings will be held via zoom.

Work Outside of Meetings

  • Review scored abstracts and provide preliminary abstract sessions prior to the Scientific Program meetings (approximately 8-10 hours per meeting).
  • Participate in conference calls as appropriate. Committee Chair coordinates and assigns review responsibilities to team leaders with the support of AASLD staff.

Committee Members

Committee Member
Carla W. Brady, MD, MHS, FAASLD