Ethics Committee


The purpose of the committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Governing Board in the evaluation of ethical issues relating to the activities of AASLD, and its members acting in the name of AASLD. These issues will include but may not be confined to the following:


The Committee will:

  • Review the disclosures for potential conflicts of interest of finalists selected by the Nominating Committee in the annual leadership election process.
  • Review and recommend revisions of AASLD policies on code of conduct and disclosure of potential conflicts of interest by its officers and members at large. These recommendations will include responses to discovered misconduct and disclosures that reveal misconduct.
  • Evaluate relationships of AASLD in furthering AASLD goals in regard to education, research and advocacy.
  • Will respond to ethics issues raised by members, the Governing Board, and other committees of AASLD, and the Editors of HEPATOLOGY, Liver Transplantation, and Clinical Liver Disease. In this regard the Ethics Committee will offer arbitration and endeavor to provide a rapid response to ethics issues requiring prompt action by the Governing Board.
  • Explore with the Governing Board and the Editor of HEPATOLOGY the potential for development of a "Sounding Board" for publishing opinions and editorials on ethical issues of relevance to hepatologists.

The Chair will:

  • Chair regular meetings of the Ethics Committee.
  • Make regular written reports to the Governing Board at least twice annually (February and August).
  • Submit, for approval, an annual budget and work plan.
  • Annually review and recommend (if appropriate) changes to the committee's purpose and tasks.
  • Make policy recommendations to the Governing Board.

Size, Term, Composition

Eleven (11) members. Committee members serve a staggered (3) three-year term with new members appointed annually. The Chair is elected for a (3) three-year term by the membership.


Committee members will be selected by AASLD President-Elect, with the advice and consent of the Governing Board.

Governing Board Liaison

A Board liaison will be appointed to the committee for the purpose of sharing information between the chair of the Ethics Committee, the Governing Board, and staff.

Reports To

The Ethics Committee reports to the Governing Board. Written reports are submitted to Governing Board after each meeting.


The Ethics Committee meets at least once per year, at DDW or during the Annual Meeting. Interim meetings may be convened by conference call as appropriate.


Individual committee member expenses are reimbursed in accordance with Association policy.

Relates To Goal

Goal 1.3 Augment workforce recruitment, mentoring, and career development activities.

Committee Members

Elizabeth K. Speliotes, MD, MPH, PhD, FAASLD
Board Liaison
Kim M. Olthoff, MD
Staff Liaison
Lynee' Sanders
Associate Member
Mary Leslie Gallagher, RN, MS, ANP-BC
Committee Members
Lauren D. Feld, MD
Marwan S. Ghabril, MD, FAASLD
Meagan Gray, MD
Sudha Kodali, MD, MSPH
Elizabeth Lee, MN, NP, CGN(C)
Russell Rosenblatt, MD
Clifford J. Steer, MD, FAASLD