Finance Committee


To provide supervision of financial assets of AASLD and AASLD Foundation and to provide advice and support for the financial deliberations and decisions of the AASLD Governing Board and AASLD Foundation Board with respect to financial matters, the investment strategies of the AASLD and AASLD Foundation financial advisors, and the financial needs of the Association and Foundation. The committee will also provide an independent review of the accounts of AASLD and AASLD Foundation and examine the external financial audit.


The Committee will:

  • Provide financial advice for the AASLD Governing Board and AASLD Foundation Board.
  • Review AASLD and AASLD Foundation holding twice annually and advise the Governing Board and the Foundation Board on investments.
  • Review and supervise the annual outside official audit conducted by an independent and bonded accounting firm for AASLD and AASLD Foundation.
  • Ensure that the investment strategy of AASLD’s investment advisor/consultant is in accordance with AASLD and AASLD Foundation investment policies.
  • Serve AASLD President, AASLD Foundation Chair, and Treasurer on an ad hoc basis on any and all financial issues that might require information gathering and seasoned advice.
  • Make fiscal policy recommendations to the Governing Board and AASLD Foundation
  • Coordinate all meeting logistics through the Association's staff.
  • Work within the budget and policies set forth by the Governing Board and AASLD Foundation Board.

Size, Term, Composition

  • Seven (7) members and the AASLD Treasurer. The Treasurer will serve on the committee for the duration of his/her three-year term.
  • Committee members serve staggered three-year terms.
  • Special ad hoc members can be assigned to specific topics at the request of the chairperson and approval of the AASLD President.
  • With the approval of the AASLD Governing Board, subcommittees may be formed by the chairperson to deal with specific issues.


  • Committee members will be appointed by the AASLD President-Elect with the advice and consent of the Governing Board.
  • The chair will be appointed by the AASLD President-Elect.
  • The President may reappoint members to the finance committee after their three-year term, and can extend the term of members with the approval of the Governing Board.

Governing Board Liaison

The Treasurer will be the Board liaison for the purpose of sharing information between committee members, the Governing Board, Foundation Board, and staff.

Reports To

The Treasurer should report formally to AASLD membership at the Annual Business Meeting.


The Finance Committee should meet on a semiannual basis to address its responsibilities. In addition, the committee should meet to review the audited financial statements and the management letter presented by the accounting firm in charge of the AASLD annual audit.


Individual committee member expenses are reimbursed in accordance with Association policy.

Relates To Goal

Goal 4.5 Ensure financial strength through ongoing, systematic review of AASLD programs.

Committee Members

Naudia L. Jonassaint, MD, MHS, MBA
Board Liaison
Tamar H. Taddei, MD, MD, FAASLD
Staff Liaison
Mukarab Islam
Committee Members
Oren K. Fix, MD, MSc, FAASLD
Joseph Ahn, MD, MS, MBA, FAASLD
Martin Hertl, MD, PhD, MD, PhD, MBA
Matthew R. Kappus, MD
Michael R. Narkewicz, MD, FAASLD