Inclusion And Diversity Committee


The AASLD is committed to fostering diversity among its membership. The Inclusion and Diversity Committee will approve and recommend efforts to promote involvement and expand access to leadership opportunities across diverse populations of the AASLD membership. Such diverse populations include and are not limited to age, appearance, disability, ethnicity, race, geographic location, nationality, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.


The Committee will initially develop an overall plan for the scope of their activities. These should include:

  • Define the demographic composition of the current AASLD membership by identifying various diverse populations of membership.
  • Advise the AASLD Governing Board on strategies to promote recruitment and increase engagement of diverse groups that are under-represented in the medical profession (African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders).
    • Increase the number of under-represented minority physicians and other healthcare provider members in AASLD (trainees, associates, full members).
    • Expand the number of under-represented minority physicians who pursue hepatology careers in academic settings.
    • Develop strategies to ensure inclusion of diverse members in the educational activities and leadership of the AASLD.
  • Report annually to the AASLD Governing Board on the numbers of under-represented minority members presenting at the Liver Meeting and serving on AASLD committees.
  • Promote health disparities research and increase the presence and profile of health disparities research within the AASLD in order to reduce disparities and improve outcomes among ethnic and racial groups who carry a higher burden of liver disease.

The Chair will:

  • Prepare an annual written report for the AASLD Governing Board updating the demographic composition of the AASLD membership, the relative change among diverse member categories and the representation of diverse members participating in AASLD committees and other leadership roles.
  • Submit, for approval, an annual budget and work plan.
  • Make policy recommendations to the Governing Board.

Size, Term, Composition

  • 8 members plus a chair (total 9) serving staggered three year terms.
  • The committee membership should include representation across the various membership categories, including:
    • 3-5 full members
    • 1-2 international members
    • 1-2 associate members
    • 1-2 trainee members

Appointment and Election

  • Committee members will be selected by the AASLD President, with the advice and consent of the Governing Board.  Special ad hoc members may be assigned with approval of the AASLD President.
  • The chair should be appointed by the AASLD President with the advice of the Governing Board.

Governing Board Liaison

A Board liaison may be appointed for the purpose of sharing information between committee members, the Governing Board and AASLD staff.

Reports To

The committee reports to the Governing Board. Written reports are submitted for each Governing Board meeting.

Related Information

Read AASLD's statement on diversity and a Call to Action.

Committee Members

Lauren D. Nephew, MD, MSCE
Vice Chair
Saikiran Kilaru, MD
Board Liaison
Rotonya M. Carr, MD, FACP
Staff Liaison
Marjorie Bynum, CAE
Stephanie Garbarino, M.D.
Shilpa Junna, MD
Foundation Awardee Member (Ex Officio)
Membership/Mentorship Chair Member
Neil Shah, MD
Committee Members
Chimaobi Anugwom, MBBS
Dekey Y. Lhewa, MD, MD
Mohamed Galal Shoreibah, MD
Jeffrey A. Kahn, MD, FAASLD
Helenie Kefalakes, MD
Rise Stribling, MD
Amoah Yeboah-Korang, MD