Practice Guidelines Committee


To define the topics of, assign authors to, and assist in the development of practice guidelines.


The Committee will:

  • Select authors and define topics for Practice Guidelines in a manner consistent with the AASLD Policy on Development and Use of Practice Guidelines.
  • Review submitted guidelines and present them to the governing board within fifteen months of author invitation.
  • Review published guidelines within three years of publication or according to a schedule defined at the time of guideline development.
  • Recommend journal of publication for approved guidelines.
  • Coordinate the process of guideline review and development among GI societies.
  • Review guidelines from other GI societies on liver-related topics and present them to the governing board for approval, when applicable.
  • Coordinate all meeting logistics through the association's staff.
  • Work within the budget and policies set forth by the governing board.

The Chair will:

  • Direct the process of guideline development.
  • Report regularly to the governing board on the status of guideline development.
  • Interact regularly with the AASLD president, Governing Board, and board liaison.
  • Submit a written meeting report, if applicable, to each Governing Board Meeting.  Submit a year-end summary of completed and upcoming activities relating to the strategic plan.
  • Make policy recommendations to the Governing Board.

Size, Term, Composition

  • The committee will be composed of eighteen (18) members, who are expert in clinical hepatology and have been an AASLD member for at least five years prior to their appointment.
  • Members should represent experts in adult hepatology, pediatrics, surgery, and epidemiology.   Committee members will serve staggered three-year terms.
  • The chair will serve in that capacity for three years, and thus may extend his/her term on the committee to up to six years.  Subcommittees may be formed by the chair to deal with specific issues.


  • Committee members will be selected by the AASLD president-elect, with the advice and consent of the governing board.
  • The chair and vice-chair will be appointed by the AASLD president-elect from the committee members who have already served at least one year. 
  • Special ad hoc members can be assigned to specific topics at the request of the chair and approval of the AASLD president.

Governing Board Liason

A board liaison will be appointed to the committee for the purpose of sharing information between committee members, the Governing Board, and staff.

Report To

The committee should provide to the board an annual summary of the committee's activities for inclusion in the governing board minutes.


The number of meetings to be held each year will be determined by the chair, based upon approval of the governing board budget items.

Work Outside of Meetings

  • Conference calls may be arranged by the chair to aid communication or to discuss time sensitive issues.
  • Committee members will be expected to review committee materials prior to meetings and conference calls.  Individual committee members may be assigned additional tasks by the chair.


Individual committee members will be reimbursed in accordance with association policy.

Relates to Goal

Goal 1.2     Continue to provide leadership in scientific publications and Clinical Practice Guidelines.
Goal 3.1     Engage providers to design and deliver targeted patient care resources.

Committee Members

Elizabeth C. Verna, MD, MS, FAASLD
Vice Chair
Cynthia Levy, MD, FAASLD
Board Liaison
Tamar H. Taddei, MD, MD, FAASLD
Committee Members
Therese Bittermann, MD
Po-Hung (Victor) Chen, MD, PhD
Kathleen E. Corey, MD, MPH, MMSc
Thomas Cotter, MD MS
Archita Parikh Desai, MD
Albert Do, MD, MPH
Juan F. Gallegos-Orozco, MD, AGAF, FACG, FAASLD
Lindsay Y. King, MD
Christina Cress Lindenmeyer, MD
Anthony J. Michaels, MD
Arpan Mohanty, MBBS, MS
Jennifer C. Price, MD, PhD
Elizabeth Rand, MD
Ashwani K. Singal, MD, MS, FACG, FAASLD
Puneeta Tandon, MD, FRCPC
Ethan M. Weinberg, MD
Staff Liaisons
Jenny Castano, MPH
Elizabeth Durzy
Christopher Shubert, MD, MHA
Andrew Moon, MD, MPH
Kawtar Al Khalloufi, MD
Nadia Ovchinsky, MD, MBA, FAASLD
Patient Representatives
Gina Bartes, MS, PhD
Sara Iqbal
Foundation Awardee Member (Ex Officio)
Praveena Narayanan, MD