Public Policy Committee


To develop policy recommendations for consideration by the Governing Board with regard to hepatology and to assure that those policies are accurately reflected in external communications. To monitor and advance issues related to the clinical practice of hepatology and work with AASLD’s government representatives in Washington, DC, to advise the Association on activities related to policy issues in clinical practice.


The Committee will:

  • Develop and maintain a multiyear public policy agenda to be endorsed by the Governing Board to guide the creation and implementation of an annual set of goals. From such an agenda, develop a specific list of advocacy issues for each upcoming year.
  • Identify issues and generate issue briefs and policy statements as they arise to advocate AASLD policy and promote these through electronic and other media.
  • Actively monitor public policy issues affecting liver disease, offer policy recommendations to the Governing Board, and promote AASLD’s public policy agenda.
  • Review Association public policy communications to the membership and policymakers, including press releases, website postings, and electronic communications.
  • Participate in governmental and nongovernmental committees that affect public policy and require monitoring and reporting.
  • Collaborate with similar committees of related medical, voluntary health, patient organizations, and other associations and foundations to lobby Congress and other branches of the government, and establish cross representation on the public policy committees of AASLD and ALF to enhance collaboration.
  • Work with AASLD leadership to promote policies related to clinical practice (including reimbursement and quality issues) that enhance the viability of hepatology as a field of practice.
  • Work cooperatively with the public policy committee in the promotion of clinical practice issues related to reimbursement and quality.

The Chair will:

  • Direct the planning process for the development of the multiyear agenda, annual list of advocacy issues, public policy recommendations to the Governing Board, issue briefs, policy statements, and the review of written and electronic communications.
  • Represent the committee before the President, Executive Committee, and Governing Board.
  • Submit the committee’s policy recommendations to the President, Executive Committee, and Governing Board, as appropriate.
  • Submit a written report prior to each Governing Board meeting.
  • Submit to the Governing Board, through the Executive Director, an annual budget, multiyear agenda, annual list of advocacy issue, and work plan for approval.

Size, Term, Composition

The committee will be comprised of a chair and eight (8) members, appointed for staggered three-year terms by the President.

Governing Board Liaison

A Board liaison will be appointed to the committee by the President for the purpose of sharing information among committee members, the Governing Board and staff.

Reports To

The Public Policy Committee reports to the President, Executive Committee, and Governing Board, as appropriate.


The committee will meet at the Annual Meeting and at DDW, if a quorum is present. It will also meet by conference call no less than quarterly.

Work Outside Of Meetings

The day-to-day functions of the committee will be conducted by staff and consultants, reporting to the chair.


Individual committee member expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with Association policy.

Relates To Goal

  • Goal 2.1 Facilitate translational science continuity from basic discovery into practice, cost-effective care, and health policy.
  • Goal 2.3 Communicate progress in hepatology and AASLD activities.
  • Goal 4.3 Strengthen AASLD brand awareness to key audiences (for example, AASLD versus The Liver Meeting®) and use surveys and focus groups to monitor: Policymakers and government officials, patients, and the public.

Committee Members

Steven D. Lidofsky, MD, PhD, FAASLD
Vice Chair
Julius M. Wilder, MD, PhD
Board Liaison
Norah Terrault, MD, MPH, FAASLD
Committee Members
Lafaine M. Grant, MD, FAASLD
Ammar Hassan, MD
Vandana Khungar, MD, MSc
Richie Manikat, MD
Catherine Mezzacappa, MD, MPH
Eric S. Orman, MD
Sean R. Rudnick, MD
Shreya Sengupta, MD
Arul M. Thomas, MD
Rockford Yapp, III, MD
Staff Liaisons
Matthew D'Uva
Erika Miller
Mike Providence
Burcin Ekser, MD, PhD
Melissa Kaltenbach, MD
Associate Member
Elizabeth N. Britton, MSN, NP
Patient Representatives
Larry Holden
Wendy Lo
Foundation Awardee Member (Ex Officio)
Alyson Kaplan, MD, MS