Research Awards Committee


Responsible for reviewing submitted applications for AASLD Foundation Research Awards and Fellowships; reviewing/updating documents for the following year; selecting award/fellowship recipients for the following awards/fellowships:

  • Bridge Award
  • Advanced/Transplant Hepatology Award
  • Afdhal / McHutchison LIFER Award
  • Autoimmune Liver Diseases Pilot Research Award
  • Clinical, Translational and Outcomes Research Award
  • Pilot Research Award
  • Pinnacle Research Award in Liver Diseases


The Committee will:

  • Review and score submitted award/fellowship applications
  • Discuss and select award/fellowship recipients
  • Review interim progress reports
  • Be available for committee conference calls when necessary
  • Be available for an in-person committee meeting during the Annual Meeting
  • Coordinate all meeting logistics through AASLD Foundation staff.
  • Work within the budget and policies set forth by the Governing Board.

The Research Awards Committee Chair will:

  • Direct the committee meetings and conference calls.
  • Prepare written reports for the AASLD Foundation Board and/or AASLD Governing Board.
  • Make policy recommendations to the AASLD Foundation Board.

Qualifications And Responsibilities Of Members

  • Support the mission of the AASLD Foundation.
  • Serve as an advocate for the AASLD Foundation in public settings.
  • Commit time to participate in committee conference calls, meetings, and events.
  • Be personally engaged in activities and programs.
  • Make a campaign gift commensurate with ability.

Size, Term, And Composition

30-35 members who will each serve one (1) three-year term.


Committee members will be selected by the AASLD President-Elect, with the advice and consent of the AASLD Foundation Board.

Reports To

The committee reports to the AASLD Foundation Board. Written reports are submitted for each Foundation Board Meeting.


The committee will meet via conference call or in-person at least once per quarter.

Work Outside Of Meetings



Individual committee member expenses are reimbursed in accordance with Association policy.

Relates To Goal

2.2. Formalize fundraising strategy to assure ongoing support of research awards program.

Committee Members

Wendy A. Henderson, PhD, FAASLD
Vice Chair
Richard K. Sterling, MD, MSc, FAASLD
Staff Liaisons
Julia C. Merrill, MSML, CAE
Victoria Wyma
Committee Members
Udayan Apte, PhD, DABT, FAASLD
David N. Assis, MD
Muyiwa Awoniyi, MD, PhD
Olivier Barbier, PhD, FAASLD, C. Dir
Juliane I Beier, PhD
Alexander Bondoc, MD
Bishuang Cai, PhD
Giuseppe Cullaro, MD
Doan Dao, MD
Lily Dara, MD
Caroline C. Duwaerts, Ph.D.
Baran A. Ersoy, PhD
Petra Hirsova, PharmD, PhD
Chiung-kuei Huang, PhD
Hai Huang, MD, MMedSci
Sumera I. Ilyas, MD
Gene Y. Im, MD, FAASLD
Irina A. Kirpich, PhD, MPH
Jessica Maiers, PhD
Hong-Min Ni, MD
Xinshou Ouyang, PhD
Ponni V. Perumalswami, MD, FAASLD
Liya Pi, PhD
Shari S. Rogal, MD, MPH
Yaron Rotman, MD, MSc, FAASLD
Robert E. Schwartz, MD, PhD, FAASLD
Suzanne R. Sharpton, MD, MAS
Andrew W. Tai, MD, PhD, FAASLD
Michael Thompson, MD, PhD
Zhihong Yang, PhD
Dean Yimlamai, M.D, Ph.D.