The central purpose of the Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) SIG is to provide a forum to share ideas, foster collaboration and brainstorm together as an academy of basic and translational investigators. Our mission is to study the pathogenesis, diagnosis, natural history and development of therapeutics for nonalcoholic liver disease. The NAFLD SIG sponsors programs at the AASLD Annual Meeting, identifies emerging topics in NAFLD, and supports the educational mission of AASLD.

Communications Subcommittee

  • Co-Chair: Stephen A. Harrison, MD, FAASLD
  • Co-Chair: Zachary Henry, MD
  • Member: Pankaj Rajvanshi, MD
  • Member: Kymberly Watt, MD
  • Member: Abdullah Mubarak, MD, FAASLD
  • Member: Yaron Rotman, MD, MSc, FAASLD
  • Member: Dawn L. Piercy, MS, NP
  • Member: Dina Halegoua-De Marzio, MD
  • Member: Veeral H. Ajmera, MD
  • Member: Jonathan Stine, MD, MSc

Education Subcommittee

  • Chair: Rohit Loomba, MD
  • Vice-Chair: Kathleen E. Corey, MD, MPH, MMSc
  • Member: Jorn M. Schattenberg, MD
  • Member: Sombat Treeprasertsuk, MD, PhD, FAASLD
  • Member: Claudia PMS Oliveira, MD, PhD
  • Member: Naim Alkhouri, MD
  • Member: Mazen Noureddin, MD
  • Member: Caroline C. Duwaerts, PhD
  • Member: Sonali Paul, MD
  • Member: Alina M. Allen, MD
  • Member: Yumi Ando, MD
  • Member: Manuel Romero-Gomez, MD

Global Outreach Subcommittee

  • Co-Chair: Silvia C. Sookoian, MD, PhD, FAASLD
  • Co-Chair: Leon A. Adams, MBBS, PhD
  • Member: Federico Rodriguez-Perez, MD, FAASLD
  • Member: Joseph K. Lim, MD, FAASLD
  • Member: Bilal Hameed, MD
  • Member: Huiping Zhou, PhD
  • Member: Lai Wei, MD
  • Member: Amreen Dinani, MD
  • Member: Jorge L. Herrera, MD, FAASLD

Membership and Mentorship Subcommittee

  • Chair: VACANT
  • Vice-Chair: Manal F. Abdelmalek, MD, MPH, FAASLD
  • Member: Yasuji Komorizono, MD, PhD, FAASLD
  • Member: Cynthia A. Moylan, MD, MHS
  • Member: Michelle Long, MD
  • Member: Maureen Patricia Whitsett, MD
  • Member: Albert Do, MD, MPH
  • Member: Monica A. Konerman, MD
  • Member: Meagan Gray, MD
  • Member: Terry Hinds, Jr., PhD