Message from AASLD President on Nomenclature Implementation

As AASLD President, it is with immense pleasure and pride that I write to you today to inform you of the next steps for the adoption of NAFLD’s new nomenclature: Steatotic Liver Disease (SLD).

As you’re likely aware, the decision to adopt the term Steatotic Liver Disease as the preferred nomenclature was the result of extensive global deliberations and consultations by AASLD, EASL and ALEH along with leading experts in hepatology and allied fields. This change was necessary for several important reasons, and we believe it will lead to more precise and comprehensive understanding of the condition, ultimately benefiting both patients and practitioners.

To ensure a smooth and successful transition to the new nomenclature, AASLD is committed to developing and executing a comprehensive and collaborative, phased implementation strategy. Our plans include:

  • Stakeholder Conversations: In the coming weeks, we will hold extensive conversations with stakeholders, including federal agencies, researchers, educators, patient advocacy groups, and other medical societies. These discussions will allow us to identify potential challenges and barriers to implementation.
  • Technical Implementation Plan: Building on the insights gained from stakeholder conversations, we will develop a detailed technical implementation plan. This plan will outline the steps, timelines, and resources required for the widespread adoption of the new nomenclature across the medical community.
  • Educational Resources: Recognizing the need for educational support during the transition period, we are dedicated to developing comprehensive resources for practitioners. These resources will assist healthcare professionals in understanding and implementing the new nomenclature effectively.
  • Collaboration and Leadership: AASLD is proud of its leadership in this crucial change, and we are committed to fostering collaboration and cooperation within the hepatology community. Together, we can ensure a seamless transition to promote standardized terminology in the diagnosis and management of Steatotic Liver Disease.

As President of AASLD, I am humbled by the collective efforts of our dedicated members and collaborators, who have driven this transformative change in the field of hepatology. The adoption of the new nomenclature, Steatotic Liver Disease, represents a pivotal moment for all of us, and I am confident that it will advance our understanding of this condition and, most importantly, improve patient outcomes.

I urge all members of the AASLD community to work together diligently as we embark on this important journey. Your active participation, valuable insights, and dedication to excellence will be instrumental in achieving a successful implementation.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and I look forward to celebrating this milestone together as we continue to lead and shape the future of hepatology.

Norah Terrault, MD, MPH, FAASLD
President, American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases