AASLD Announces New Class of Fellows (2023)

AASLD is pleased to announce the selection of thirty hepatology leaders as Fellows and two allied health leaders focused on hepatology as Associate Fellows.

The Fellows Programs bestows honorary recognition upon AASLD members who have made a significant contribution to the knowledge and/or practice of liver and biliary diseases, and are considered leaders in the field.

Associate Fellow of the American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AF-AASLD) is the highest distinction among Associate members of AASLD, and recognizes distinguished professional achievements, advanced training, education, and commitment to the highest level of hepatology care in clinical, research or academic practice.

AASLD Fellows and Associate Fellows are committed to continued leadership and service to the hepatology community and supporting cultivation of the next generation of leaders. Learn more about how to join our distinguished communities of Fellows and Associate Fellows

This year’s class of Fellows are:

Mark S. Avila, MD, FAASLD

John T. Bassett, MD, FAASLD

Simon W. Beaven, MD, PhD, FAASLD

Danielle Brandman, MD, FAASLD

Matthew C. Cave, MD, FAASLD

Natasha Chandok, MD, FAASLD, MPH, FRCPC

Harel Dahari, PhD, FAASLD

George N. Dalekos, MD, PhD, FAASLD

Winston Dunn, MD, FAASLD

Brett E. Fortune, MD, FAASLD

Juan F. Gallegos-Orozco, MD, FAASLD

Edoardo G. Giannini, MD, PhD, FAASLD

Jordi Gracia-Sancho, PhD, FAASLD

Hayato Hikita, MD, PhD, FAASLD

Samar H. Ibrahim, MB, CHB, FAASLD

Gene Y. Im, MD, FAASLD

Arun B. Jesudian, MD, FAASLD

Binita M. Kamath, MBBChir, FAASLD

John C. Magee, MD, FAASLD

Espen Melum, MD, PhD, FAASLD

James S. Park, MD, FAASLD

Ponni V. Perumalswami, MD, FAASLD

Carlos Joe Pirola, PhD, FAASLD

Kamran Safdar, MD, FAASLD

Robert E. Schwartz, MD, PhD, FAASLD

Mithun Sharma, MD, FAASLD, FACG, AGAF

Guisheng Song, PhD, FAASLD

Andrew W. Tai, MD, PhD, FAASLD

Harrys A.Torres, MD, FAASLD

Xaralambos Bobby Zervos, MD, FAASLD

This year’s Class of Associate Fellows are:

Barbra A. Cave, PhD, APRN, AF-AASLD

Tiffany E. Kaiser, PharmD, AF-AASLD