Coming Soon: New Funding Program for Early-Career APPs from AASLD Foundation

A new program for early career and new-to-hepatology Advanced Practice Providers will launch this spring with the goal of strengthening the liver provider pipeline and fostering the next generation of APP leaders in hepatology.

“Since 2004, AASLD Foundation (originally through AASLD) has provided over $10.4 million to support APP specialized training through the NP/PA Clinical Hepatology Fellowship,” said AASLD Foundation Chair, Bruce A. Luxon, MD, PhD, FAASLD. “We are immensely proud of this investment; the NP/PA Fellowship has been our largest program both in terms of amount of funding committed and number of awards made. However, we also recognize that participation in the program was limited to those at major hepatology centers, and there is more we can do to improve health equity and ensure greater access to care for liver patients.”

With this in mind, the AASLD Hepatology Associates Committee, led by Chair Elizabeth Goacher, PA-C, MHS, AF-AASLD, has undertaken a comprehensive review of opportunities and unmet needs in funding for the associates community.  A new program will launch in 2022 that combines travel support to The Liver Meeting® with ongoing engagement and professional development activities.

“Our goal is to provide both early career APPs and those seeking a change in specialization with the tools and opportunities that will prepare them for a successful future in hepatology,” states Elizabeth. “Each year as we reviewed our applications, one recurring dream for the future was how to attract applications from a more diverse pool of providers and program types while maintaining the incredible opportunity that the Fellowship provided. This new program will enable us to leverage the Foundation support to reach a larger and more diverse cohort of APPs each year. This program will work directly with the applicants instead of seeking sponsoring institutions.  We believe this new program will help strengthen the connection between these providers and AASLD.”

This initiative will replace the NP/PA Clinical Hepatology Fellowship.  The Hepatology Curriculum for Advanced Practice Providers will continue to be offered as a free resource. “It is important to us that the Curriculum is maintained and made available to those seeking a framework for a specialization in liver,” notes Elizabeth. “In addition to publishing an updated Curriculum soon, we will also be exploring ways to supplement it with new learning activities and additional educational resources.”

Details on the new funding program will be announced this April on the AASLD Foundation’s website. To learn more about AASLD Foundation’s programs or to make a gift in support of this and other funding opportunities for the hepatology community, visit