Industry Colloquium: The Future of Liver Preservation: Perspectives, Advances and Perfusion Device Workshop

Alexandria, VA – Registration is now open for the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases’ (AASLD) 2022 Industry Colloquium: Perspectives and Advances in Liver Preservation on November 3 in Washington, DC.

New advances around perfusion devices are changing the game by keeping transplant livers alive longer, allowing for transportation of longer distances. New technology also enhances marginal donor livers, keeping them stimulated and alive longer, and therefore making many more livers available for transplantation.

With the number of patients on the waiting list for a liver transplant far outweighing the number of donor livers, successful liver perfusion is critical for the future of liver transplantation, a potentially life-saving treatment for individuals with end-stage liver disease and acute liver failure.

This in-person conference will provide groundbreaking insights on the technology and techniques around the use of preservation devices and examine the different strategies for successful perfusion/preservation of donor livers.

“As a liver transplant surgeon, transplant center director, past president of UNOS/OPTN and At-Large Councilor for the AASLD, I have never been more excited to see this game-changing technology approved for use in the US,” said co-chair David C. Mulligan, MD, FACS, FAASLD, of Yale School of Medicine. “The successes in Europe and in the US trials are phenomenal — this Colloquium is an opportunity to share data and demonstrate a variety of devices now available for use.”

The Industry Colloquium also includes a perfusion workshop where attendees can get an up-close look at multiple devices. “This Industry Colloquium will bring together thought leaders in liver support and preservation devices. In addition to experts sharing their experience, I am especially looking forward to the unique opportunity attendees will have to interact with several vendors who are bringing their devices for us to explore,” said John C. Magee, MD of the University of Michigan Transplant Center.

This event will also emphasize core competencies such as patient-centered care and procedural skills, interdisciplinary teamwork, systems-based practice, practice-based learning and improvement.

“I am proud to be a part of the organizing committee of AASLD’s first-ever perfusion colloquium,” said co-chair Shimul A. Shah, MD, MHCM of UC Health. “Beyond cutting-edge lectures from experts around the world, we are excited to have the first hands-on overview with multiple leading perfusion devices available for participants to observe and see first-hand.”

View the full program and register for the Industry Colloquium: Perspectives and Advances in Liver Preservation online here. View a PDF of this press release online here.



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