Cholestatic and Autoimmune Liver Diseases

The Cholestatic and Autoimmune Liver Diseases Special Interest Group (SIG) is an international community of investigators and practitioner focusing on preventing diagnosing and treating cholestatic liver diseases, as well as diseases of the biliary tree (choangiopathies). The SIG also strongly focuses on understanding the pathophysiology and on the genetics of cholestatic and biliary diseases as a way to identify novel therapeutic targets. The SIG promotes national and international collaborations and networks and registries to speed up the rate of discoveries and to facilitate clinical trials in an area that includes several rare diseases.

SIG Leadership

Gideon Hirschfield, FRCP, PHD

Cara Lynn Mack, MD, FAASLD

Alexander G. Miethke, MD

Staff Liaison
Akuender Dot
Patricia Marshall
Linda Howard

Steering Committee Members
Cynthia Levy, MD, FAASLD
Heather L. Francis, PhD, FAASLD
Michele M. Tana, MD
Craig Lammert, MD
Bishoi Aziz, MD, MSc
David N. Assis, MD