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AASLD recognizes the power of mentorship to shape the future of hepatology. Our Membership and Mentorship, Inclusion and Diversity, and Womens’ Initiatives Committees and AASLD staff have worked together to prepare a user-friendly virtual mentoring program, and memorable experience that will benefit hundreds of members who have indicated interest in our program. From one on one longitudinal matching to small group, topic based mentoring sessions, there is something for everyone at AASLD.

Our new mentoring platform enables AASLD members to find the right mentor or mentee for them, enables small groups to meet and share information on diverse topics, and provides technologies for you to connect, right in the platform. Haven’t tried it out yet? Fill out a profile and join our mentoring program today. 


Mentorship - Your Way

Deepen your engagement with the hepatology community by engaging with our new mentorship program, AASLD Mentor Connect. Thanks to advancements in digital technologies, mentoring is no longer dependent on in-person contact. Participants can connect with other members from across the globe, based on criteria that you select. The level of participation is also completely up to you - engage in the way that best suits your availability, right in the platform. Mentorship is the best way to grow your career and give back to the field and the association so be sure to take advantage of this incredible member benefit.

Not interested in one-on-one mentoring? That’s ok! Our small group mentoring program will be launching soon. 

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AASLD’s mentorship program is a special benefit just for AASLD members. Become a member to access exclusive clinical and educational content, as well as a community of healthcare professionals with a common interest in liver disease.

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